Our business is to provide complete solutions for the utilization of municipal and industrial waste with the goal of maximizing reclaimed recyclable materials while simultaneously producing fuel that can replace fossil fuels. Through our solutions and technology we are able to significantly reduce the amount of unnecessary materials that are accumulating in our landfills and polluting our environments.

Not only do we supply the technology for processing waste into fuel while collecting recyclable material, we also supply equipment for storage, transport, dosing, weighing, receiving and dispatching of waste materials and other secondary raw materials in conditions ranging from normal environments to extreme conditions in terms of temperature or explosiveness. Based on the specific needs and requirements of the customer, we will propose brand new solutions or expand  existing technology.

Our objective is to provide the best and most reliable technology which requires the least amount of operational down time. We understand that when a key process machine requires maintenance production and profits suffer. This is why we work with proven and reliable suppliers to ensure the best solutions while bearing in mind the capital cost.

Docking/Unloading stations for various types of trucks

  • docking and unloading
  • conveyors
  • pneumatic conveyors
  • liquid conveying


  • Shredding
  • Metal Separation
    • Ferrous Metals (Magnetic)
    • Non-Ferrous Metals (Eddy Current)
  • Separation of oversized particles
  • Material sorting

Material Storage 


Material Dosing/Feeding


RDF Drying (Independent and Heat Recovery)





Synthetic fuels production


Plastic compounding lines