ERITECH’s Automated Material Sampling System

ERITECH’s Automated Material Sampling System

15. 5. 2023

With the going demand for Alternative Fuels to supplement fossil-based fuels, more producers and providers of Alternative Fuels are entering the market. With new producers and providers, new quality and consistency issues can arise from varying Alternative Fuel sources. To ensure the quality of delivered fuels and to accurately dose fuels to achieve a steady combustion process based on the various fuel factors (calorific value, moisture, etc.) ERITECH has designed and provided a unique system for collecting fuel samples, at several locations, and tracking Alternative Fuel deliveries.

The ERITECH collection and tracking system is specifically designed for each project and fuel parameters. The process starts with a sample collection device, which is made specifically for the type of material to be collected, either RDF, SRF, wood chips, pellets, biomass, etc. The sample collection device is then implemented into the existing process which allows samples to be taken directly from the delivery truck trailer, or from the receiving pit after the truck has been emptied, or from transfers points in the process (vertical transfer chutes between mechanical equipment).  Once a sample is collected the sample is transferred to a container, which is identified with NFC, barcode, etc. The container is located on a rotating carousel which once the container is filled to the desired amount, the carousel rotates to a new empty container which is ready for the next sample.

Once the carousel of samples is full, the samples can be sent for laboratory analysis. The controls systems allow the identification of the sample to the connected to the delivery truck. The ERITECH collection and tracking system can easily be integrated with in-process/online analysis devices which measure the basic properties of the fuel and are identified directly at the point of collection. Additionally with integration into the storage control system the fuel can be tracked and located allowing for more predictability in dosing of the fuel to the combustion process. This entire process is automated eliminating the need for personnel to collect samples manually. The sample for analysis can be collected at any location, ensuring the sample is an appropriate representation of the delivered Alternative Fuel. ERITECH is ready to design a solution for sampling technology according to any requirements.