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Implementation of technology for crushing, modification and processing of alternative fuels

An important project in this area is the implementation of the modernization of the crushing line for our important customer from the CEMEX…
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Realization of receipt and dosing of material for Cemex

Another successfully implemented project of the ERITECH company in the field of material dosing is the project implemented for the CEMEX…
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ERITECH’s Automated Material Sampling System

With the going demand for Alternative Fuels to supplement fossil-based fuels, more producers and providers of Alternative Fuels are entering the…
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Automated Storage System, Automated Crane

A primary goal of ERITECH is to ensure the development of the best equipment for waste processing and recovery in the field of energy generation…
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Long distance RDF conveying and dosing

ERITECH has developed a unique dosing solution for the calciner of NEXE Našice cement plant that involves one of the longest pneumatic transport…
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The New Technical System for RDF and Chemlon at the Lafarge Čížkovice is Already In Operation

ERITECH has been entrusted to supply the technological line for the transport and dosing RDF and chemlon for Lafarge Cement in Čížkovice.
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Project Documentation for the Sorting and Shredding of Biomass in the ŠKO-ENERGO Facility

ERITECH completed the project documentation for the ŠKO-ENERGO Facility, supplier of ecologically clean energy.
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Successful Commissioning of a Process Line for the Transportation and Dosing of Solid Alternative Fuels to the second largest Cement Plant in Croatia

ERITECH proposed the optimal solution for the transportation and dosing of solid alternative fuels to the second largest cement plant in Croatia.
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