Waste Fermentation and Composting

Reduce the amount of landfilled waste

We supply technology for the utilization of waste for fermentation and then composting. This process is relatively easy to implement and has low operation input and provides two commodities, biogas and compost for industrial and domestic use. These outputs are very valuable and allow for wide use across the circular economy, which makes this process essential for the future of waste handling.

The range of waste eligible for this kind of processing is also very wide: we are able to take biowaste in the form of food production by products, gastro waste, agricultural both animal and plant waste, waste from the wood industries including sawdust, and especially tree bark, textile waste, primary sludge and biological paper sludge, biowaste from separate collection of household waste, bio sludges and waste from ponds and coal waste. ERITECH projects the properties and amount of input waste in the design of each solution in order to maximize the effectiveness and economic viability of its solutions.